marți, 26 mai 2015

Yesterday's campaigns, today's campaigns, Instagram campaigns

The exact number of Romanian Instagram users is unknown, but definitely they are enough, given the fact that promotions and contest are freerunning on Instagram.

Increasingly more online campaigns tend to find a unique and unconventional way to provide awards. Therefore comments like “Be the first to leave a comment and you`ll win a ticket to the moon” or “share, like, comment, turn around, dance some zumba with left hand in the air, post a selfie with your foot up on a sink” are way overrated.

When you say unconventional campaign, you say creativity and true sense of art. There are no rules, no know-how, no do`s and don`ts; on an unconventional campaign everything is possible, everything is accepted.

Paris City Hall had an original Instagram campaign to save love bridges all over Paris.
The campaign was launched by Parisian authorities, after a railing located on the famous Pont des Arts bridge collapsed under the weight of thousands of "locks of love”. Authorities were forced to evacuate the bridge crossing Sena in front of Louvre Museum. Unfortunately the bridge had the best view over Paris. The smart idea was to propose “selfies over locks” alternative for the couples that come to visit love bridges, due to the fact that locks are too heavy and damage the Parisian bridges, explained the mayor of Paris City Hall.

Another Insta uber-cool campaign is started by Marc Jacobs. This unconventional campaign means the debut of a new trend fashion. Beside the fact that other brands are ready to follow his example, from now on any fashion enthusiast can become a commercial star all over the world.

In order to become a hero in an uber-cool campaign, 70.000 unknown people all over the world posted their photo with #CastMeMarc hashtag.

One recent campaign launched on Instagram named H&M David Beckham is made for….wait for it….H&M. This one is made by Vuzum, a Romanian advertising agency.

New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco were given statues with David Beckham dressed in his lingerie collection. H&M invited Instagram fans, brand fans and David Beckham fans to participate to a photo contest. The rules were simple: view the statue,  take a picture with it, add the hashtag #hmbeckham and enter the contest.

Increasing list of customers is a constant challenge for any business but it is also a very expensive activity and resource consuming.

More and more campaigns and strategies appear on online environment: non-clients services, smart direct mail campaigns, Instagram exploiting emotions and many more.

Social media campaign is not a novelty anymore. Some campaigns are disappointing, some are appealing, but quite a few are just stunning. Instagram is the new tool for making bright campaign.

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